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Ninja Bling Dog Gear

Stickbugs Layered Martingale style Collar

Stickbugs Layered Martingale style Collar

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Looking for something fun and whimsical for your canine Ninja?  These Stickbugs will bring a smile to everyone who reaches in for a neck scritch!  This double layer Biothane collar features a martingale style for safety.  The HTV Stickbug design is heat pressed onto the main 1" wide Sage Green strap, and showcases a Caramel 1.5" wide back layer lined with Fern crystals.  The martingale strap is 3/4" wide, and allows for a full 3" of closure. Collar has Nickel plated solid brass hardware.

For proper fitting of Martingale style collars, please take 2 measurements of your canine:  1)neck circumference where the collar will rest when worn,  2)Head circumference at the widest point.  If your dog's head measurement is larger than his neck, use this as your guide to choosing a size.  If your dog's neck measurement is larger than his head, use this number to determine your size.  Now, add 1" to which ever measurement is greater, to determine the maximum size of your martingale.

For instance, if your dog's neck is 13", and head is 14" would work off the head measurement of 14, add 1" for 15 as your choose a 12-15" collar

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