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Ninja Bling Dog Gear

Handle Collar

Handle Collar

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The Handle Collar is great tool for canine sports that allow for a human to "hold" the dog for release!  Many events like Disc Long Distance games, Dock, Fast Cat and Lure Coursing will allow for a holder.......please check with your organization for specific rules and regulations regarding the allowance of collars to be worn and handlers to hold the dog. 

This 1.5" wide collar, features a 1" wide handle, both in Heavy Biothane, that can be customized in many color combinations and 3 size variations.  Heavy duty Chicago screws and Nickel hardware create a solid and well built collar that will hold up to wear and tear in most any condition.

***Please do not allow your canine Ninja to wear this collar unsupervised or as a daily wear item, due the potential of the handle catching on other items.

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