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Ninja Bling Dog Gear

Feral Piranhas Buckle Collar

Feral Piranhas Buckle Collar

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Add Crystals lining back layer

Does your canine Ninja have anger management issues?  Is he bitey af?  Does he enjoy punking friends and foes alike, and making you look like the most clueless dog trainer of all time ever?  Then the Feral Piranhas buckle collar is made for you! 

This partially customizable collar features angry feral piranhas on a 1" black main strap, and comes in a varitey of colors for the 1.5" back layer and design itself. Choose:

Your size.

Your color in pinks on a Barbie pink back layer, design in greens on a Neon green back layer, design in oranges on a Neon orange back layer, design in blues on a Pacific blue back layer, or design in purples on an Amethyst back layer.

Choose yes or no to crystals lining the back layer.  Crystals will be the shade of Electric Dreamtime 20ss that corresponds with the back layer color chosen.

Black powder coated hardware (solid brass).

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